Arcadia- Fountain Hill Book

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Incorporated in 1893, Fountain Hill has developed a reputation as a quiet residential enclave located in a lush, wooded valley whose springs and creeks drain into the Lehigh River at Bethlehem. Its history is closely tied to the Fountain Hill Historic District of South Bethlehem. At the same time, the borough has developed a spirit and presence of its own. Home to St. Luke’s University Hospital—the first hospital in the Lehigh Valley and now a leading medical treatment facility in eastern Pennsylvania—the borough also boasts a variety of historic homes and developments. While Fountain Hill has remained primarily residential since its inception, its history has been an assemblage of creative enterprises and curious personalities that have left an imprint on the town. For a time, it hosted a thriving silk and garment industry, but this was short-lived, and the hulks of these buildings remain as reminders of a dream unfulfilled.


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